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Hiking Segla on Senja

Segla is the most iconic rock formation of the island Senja. It became very popular recently by thousands of Instagram posts. With it's slight drift to the side the peak of Segla looks almost unreal. So gentle the mountain is raising from the East side so steep it cliffs falls into the Fjord on the West side. The Segla hike is part of our "Golden Circle" route description. The tour start in Tromsø and goes via Senja and Andenes to Lofoten, returning to Tromsø.


Hike details:

Length of hike:3.5 hours (round-trip)When to hike:May - September
Distance to hike:about 5 km (round-trip)Winter ascent:possible
Difficulty level:mediumStart of hike:Fjordgård
Elevation:about 630 m.Guide link:Segla hike


Segla hike in Senja

Good to know: If you want to take the well know picture of the Segla rock (above), you have to hike up the mountain beside Segal. It is called Hesten and the hike starts about 600 meters away from the Segla parking.

About the hike:

The Segla hike starts in the small town of Fjordgård. You have to park your camper van on the parking next to the school. You follow a small dirt track, the direction is easy to find since the hiking trail is well marked, at least in the beginning. After hiking some time keep to the right and continue up to Segla. If you take the left, you will take the path to the mountain top of Barden. The Segla hike is very popular and the track is pretty worn out, so it is easy to find - but can be also very slippery. When you have reached the ridge of the base of Segla you can see the last very steep ascent towards the top. Just before reaching the top the hiking trail crosses a part where it goes 600 meters straight down into the Fjord. Who is afraid of heights, should keep more towards the right side at this place. From the top of Segla you will have an amazing view into the Øyfjord in the East and the Mefjorden in the West. The descent is the same way you came up.

We recommend: Make sure you have good hiking shoes and take enough water with you. Also check the weather forecast before you start your hike. You can find the weather forecast here. Not just to your own safety also to guaranty the amazing view from Segla, the sky should be clear. Other wise this tour with its steep last part is just half the fun.

Winter approach:

Hiking Segla in winter is definitly more challenging and can be also dangerous. But for sure you will have the mountain on your own, different as in the summer time. In Winter we recommend not to go further then the base of Segal, do not try to go all the way up to the mountain top. The view will be also amazing from here. To do this winter hike you need either alpine skies, snow shoes or crampons. Also: You won´t not see any marks of the hiking trail.


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