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Climate neutral driving

Arctic Campers vans are driving climate neutral.

Arctic Campers offsets all carbon emissions created by our camper vans by using diesel or petrol fuel while driving and heating. That means all of our camper vans drive climate neutrally for all kilometers you are on the road. To make this possible, Arctic Campers supports the carbon offset project in Outapi, Namibia. The CO2 offset is a free service to our customers.


What does that mean and how does a CO2 offset works?

To compensate the CO2 emissions of our camper fleet, we are supporting a project which produces power through solar energy instead of fossil based energy. With the money we spend on this project, more solar panels will produce renewable energy (electricity) and less fossil based energy sources are being used, which saves CO2. The amount of CO2 to be offset every year is calculated by the number of cars, average fuel consumption and kilometers driven. A 10% added on top of it makes sure the calculation is not too low. This compensation will be calculated and offset every single year.


CO2 offset is not enough.

We know that - to offset carbon emissions is not the final solution to fight global warming and more has to be done. The best would be not to produce any CO2 at all, we are not their yet, but we are already working on that task. Arctic Campers is expecting to offer from 2022 the first electric driven camper for rent in Norway. We are working in the moment with car manufacturer to find the right solution. Also several campsites are interested to become our partner offering battery charging over night. We will  give you more updates on our progress of this project here.

How to reach our rental stations by creating small CO2 footprint.

Of course you can CO2 offset your flight, their are several companies offering that option. Also the airlines Norwegian and SAS are offering a possibility to carbone-offset your flight when you purchase the ticket on their webpage online. If you want to avoid to use the airplane to come up North you only have two options - by train and taking the bus. Here we give you a small introduction to the so called "slow travel" options you have:

Foto: Johan Berge - Visitnorway.com

To / From Tromsø

You take the train from central Europe to Gothenburg or Malmö. We took Gothenburg as an example you can also choose Copenhagen or Malmø. From Gothenburg you take the train to Narvik and you will be on a 22-24 hour train ride. The ticket starts at 475 SEK (ca. 45 Euro). If you book your train ticket early it is also a good way to save some money. From Narvik you take the bus (No.100) to Tromsø. The bus travel takes about 4 hours and will cost you 475 NOK (ca. 49 Euro). You can use this ticket to take also the local bus to our rental station. You can book your train ticket at the Swedish train company SJ or with the Norwegian train company NSB. The bus time table from or to Narvik can be found on the website 177nordland.no. Tickets can be bought when you enter the bus or with the app "Troms Mobillett".

To / From Lofoten

If you are not planning to rent a van from us and you want to go straight to Lofoten by train - check out our blog description.

To / From Oslo

Ferry: If you´re fine with going by ferry, you have several options going to Norway (from Denmark) but the shortest way would be from Kiel (Germany) to Oslo (City Center) with Color Line. There is a trainstation right at the ferry port in Kiel.

Train: Let´s start with the classic: Hamburg-Copenhagen. This is one of the few changes in the world to go by train on a ferry. It´s a 45 min trip from Puttgarden (Germany) to Rødby (Denmark). You can stay on the train or get a coffee/meal on the ferry. Hamburg is in the north of Germany is very well connected and so a good starting point for West/South Europe. From Copenhagen (please consider a 24 hours stop over) you´ll go by train over the Øresund Bridge to Malmø ands from there straight to Oslo.

From (or east of) Berlin you can choose the Ferry from Sassnitz (Island of Rügen/Germany) to Trelleborg (Denmark). The connections by train are a little less comfortable.

If you´re gonna start your travel from East Europe, you´ll have several options to go to Stockholm (Sweden) by Stena Line.