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Speeing in Norway

Speeding fines

Speeding in Norway is a serious matter. If you get caught it is not just that you get an expensive fine it can bring you even for some days in jail. Norway has many speeding cameras alongside their roads. Either this camera is doing a spot measurement or you have two cameras which are calculating your average speed in between. You also can encounter police on the side of the road checking your speed with a laser gun. Make sure you always drive in the speed limit that is given.

If you get a speeding fine by driving one of our vehicles, Arctic Campers has to hand over all your details to the police. They will get in contact with you to settel the punishment also if you are not living in Norway. Arctic Campers will charge you an adminsitration fee for each incoming fine of 150 kr.

Drink & Drive

Driving in Norway under the influence of drugs or alcohol is highly illegal. Driving with an alcohol blood level above 0.2 promille will cost you the driver license and you need to pay a high fine. Alcohol controls done by the police alongside the road are quite common and happened frequently. Don't drink and drive!

Find out more here: https://speedingeurope.com/norway/