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Oslo Flughafen

Sundbyvegen 3, 2032 Maura

Arctic Campers Oslo is just 15 Minutes away from the Oslo airport Gardermoen (OSL). Our rental station is located at Sundbyvegen 3 in 2032 Maura. We will pick you up with our shuttle van at Oslo Airport (Gardermoen) or an the Trainstation in Eidsvoll Verk. Our pick up shuttle service is free of charge with every camper booking. Taxi prices are somewhere around 600 kr. Return is not included, but a lift to the trainstation (Trainstation in Eidsvoll Verk) is most likely possible. From here it is only one stop away from the Oslo Airport Gardermoen.

Oslo is the capital of Norway and Oslo Airport Gardermoen (Homepage Oslo lufthaven) is the main airport and travel hub in Norway. Nearby you will find plenty of grocery stores, gas stations and any kind of shops.

Watch out for our shuttle car on the depature deck of Oslo Airport:

Arctic Campers Oslo


Arctic Campers Oslo Phone: +47 75 80 40 27
Sundbyvegen 3 E-Mail: rental@arcticcampers.no
2032 Maura / Norway Contact person: Mike
Norway Opening hours: 08:00 - 18:00