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We received over the time a lot of questions regarding our rental campers and camping in Norway. Here you will find most of the questions being answered. If you still have one, do not hesitate to contact us we are happy to reply to you so soon as possible.

Questions & Answers from A to Z


How are the rules in Norway about alcohol and driving?

Strict! Do not drink & drive! Norways limit is 0.02% of blood alcohol content before a person is charged with a crime. The fines are very high and the Police is controling very often.  

Arn't there strange rules about buying alcohol in Norway?

Yes! Selling alcohol is very strict regulated. You can buy beer in a grocery store from 08 - 20 o'clock and on Saturdays from 08 - 18 o'clock. If you want to buy wine or liquor you need to find a so called "Vinmonopolet", it is the only shop where you can buy alcohol wich contains more then 4,7% of alcohol. You can find some "Vinmonoplet" listed in our guide.

What is the best beer of Norway?

Well, buy local! We cheer for Mack. It might not be the best of Norway, but it is made close to Tromsø and you have a big selection of beer variations. If we have a beer, we go for the type called Fatøl, Isbjørn or Arctic. Cheers :)


Aurora Dome CamperAurora Dome Camper

What is the Aurora Dome Camper?

You can read all about in our blog about the Aurora Dome Camper


What are your cancelation policies in times of Covid-19?

If the Norwegian government is restricting entering the country due the current Covid-19 situation, Arctic Campers AS gives you the possibility to change your booking into a voucher. The voucher have to be requested 48 hours before the pick up time. To request your voucher, send us an email to rental@arcticcampers.no. Please include your booking number and the renters full name. The voucher will hold the full amount of your paid rental fee. This amount can be used to book a new camper van in the following 3 years from your initial pick up date. Current travel restrictions can be seen on the governmental website: https://cutt.ly/OjdcFXI Bookings paid with a Covid-19 voucher can be turned into voucher again, if you cannot enter the country due Norwegian governmental restrictions.

How can I cancel my camper booking?

To cancel your reservation, write us an email and let us know your booking number. We will confirm you the cancelation in the following 24 hours.

How much do I get back from the already paid rental fee?

If you cancel your booking within 24 hours after you have done the reservation we will refund you the full amount. After 24 hours a cancellation fee will be charged to the drivers credit card. The minimum cancellation fee is 1.500,- NOK and will be charged with any cancellation. The amount of the cancellation fee depends on the date of cancellation (days prior to the beginning of the rental) and graduates as follow:

28 to 22 days = 50% of total amount of the rental

21 to 15 days = 75% of total amount of the rental

14 or less days = 100% of total amount of the rental

The toll roads flat fee will be refunded to 100%.

Charging devicesCharging devices

Can I charge my phone or my camera batteries in the camper?

Yes, all our campers are coming with one or more USB ports. If you want to charge your camera battery or a laptop, make sure you have booked the power inverter as an extra.

Credit card / camper depositCredit card / camper deposit

Do I need a credit card when I pick up my camper?

Yes. We will always need the lessee’s ( driver’s ) credit card for charging a deposit on your arrival. According to your chosen insurance type, the amount of deposit will be: CDW insurance 16.000 NOK, SCDW insurance 7.500 NOK or Travel Safe CDW insurance 2.000 NOK. This deposit may be used to pay all extra charges, fines, damages, tank refill or any cost due to the use of the rented vehicle. If no costs will accure the deposit will be credited to the same card 10 days after the last rental day. We will also keep a deposit of 1000 nok with every rental for 8 weeks to cover parking fines (it takes up to 6 weeks before we get them).


How is the procedure in case of a damage?

Have a look to our page: In case of a damage


Do I have to pay a security deposit when I pick up my camper?

Yes. Arctic Campers takes two different deposits as one payment when you pick up your vehicle at our rental station. A damage deposit that is covering your self risk fee for a possible claim in your rental period. The amount of this deposit is always the self risk fee of the insurance you booked with us. (See below for the amounts to pay according to your booked insurance). If no claim emerges in your rental period the deposit will be returned 10 working days after your vehicle drop-off date. Arctic Campers takes with the same payment a second deposit of 1.000 NOK. This deposit will cover occurring parking fines, unpaid parking fees, speeding fines and ferry crossings. The rest of the parking deposit returnes with the damage deposit 10 working days after your vehicle drop-off date. If your fees are exceeding the parking deposit we will deduct the costs from your damage deposit or you need to pay the rest by payment link.

You need to pay the deposit by card only (credit or debit are acceptable) at our rental station before your hire starts. Both deposits will be taken as a charge, not as an authorised hold. Arctic Campers charges and refunds the deposit in Norsk krone (NOK) and is not responsible for differences in the currency exchange rate during time of deposit. We recommend to use the same card for your deposit and the rental fee payment - if possible. Please make sure your card has sufficient funds upon pick-up.

(Changed 01.01.2023)

When will be the deposit returned?

Both deposits will be returned, if no claim emerges, 10 working days after your vehicle drop-off date. The transfer time back to your card can take 1-5 days. (Changed 01.01.2023)

How much will be the amount for my deposit payment?

It is depending on the category of vehicle and the kind of insurance you booked with us, here is an overview:

Camper Van 
CDW16.000 NOK + 1.000 NOK
SCDW7.500 NOK + 1.000 NOK
Travel Safe2.000 NOK + 1.000 NOK
CDW20.000 NOK + 1.000 NOK
SCDW10.000 NOK + 1.000 NOK
Travel Safe5.000 NOK + 1.000 NOK
Basic Insurance12.500 NOK + 1.000 NOK
Premium Insurance2.000 NOK + 1.000 NOK
Full Cover Inurance1.000 NOK


Drivers licenseDrivers license

Do I need to bring my drivers license?

Yes. You need a valid driver license to rent a camper. We will take a copy of the license from every driver.

Do I need an international drivers license to drive a camper in Norway?

Your valid driver’s license should be in Latin letters (understandable to us) or you bring an English translation of your license. Please also make sure your driver license has not expired by date.


Ferry crossingsFerry crossings

How do I pay for ferry crossings?

Find all information about ferry crossings in Norway on our webpage: https://arcticcampers.no/ferries/


Can I fish without a permission in Norway?

Yes, you are allowed to fish in salt waters (Atlantic) without any need of a permission or license. But you have to follow the Norwegian fishing rules, which you can find here. In lakes or rivers you mostly need to buy a fishing permission. Ask in the local shops for buying a in Norwegian called "fiskekort".

Where can I buy fishing gear?

You can buy almost in every hardware store or sport shop fishing gear. In small places even the local grocery store is providing hooks and bait. You can also rent fishing gear as an extra with us. 

Can I eat all the fishes I catch in Norway?

Sure! You will get no fresher fish as your own catch. Beware when you are collecting mussels for eating, check this website for warnings. 

Fuel / petrol / dieselFuel / petrol / diesel

How many kilometers can the camper go in between fillings?

Depending how you are driving all our campers can go between 700 - 900 kilometer per filling.

What is the fuel / petrol / diesel price in Norway?

You can find the average gasoline price in Norway here and the average Diesel price here.


Is an insurance included when I book a camper?

Yes, every camper comes with a CDW insurance, with a self risk per incident of 16.000 Nok for camper vans and 20.000 NOK for RVs. You can book an additional SCDW insurance with a self risk per incident of 7.500 NOK for camper vans or 10.000 NOK for RVs or a Travel Safe CDW insurance with a self risk per incident of 2.000 NOK for camper vans or 5.000 for RVs.

SCDW and Travel Safe CDW include free 24/7 roadside assistance.

How is the procedure in case of a damage?

Have a look to our page: In case of a damage

Kitchen EquipmentKitchen Equipment

What kitchen equipment does my camper van come with?

All our camper vans come with the following kitchen equipment: Dining plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, table knives, forks, spoons, tea spoons, cutting board, bread knife, paring knife small, paring knife big, serving spoon, ladle, spatula, frying pan, big pot with lid, medium pot with lid, trivets, kitchen brush, kitchen towel, cloth and sponge.

Minimum ageMinimum age

What is the minimum age I have to be to rent a camper?

You have to be at least 21 years old.

Minimum rental periodMinimum rental period

What is the minimum rental period for your campers?

The minimum rental period is 3-7 days, depending on the model and season. If you want to rent the camper for less then the minimum rental period you still have to pay for the minimum rental period. 

One way rentalOne way rental

Do you offer one way rental between your rental stations? Can i pick up a camper in Oslo and return it in Tromsø e.g.?

Yes, we offer one way rental as follows:

Oslo -> Tromsø 12000 NOK

Tromsø -> Oslo 12000 NOK

Opening hours (Arctic Campers)Opening hours (Arctic Campers)

What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours are from 08:00 - 18:00 o'clock every day. We are also offering after hour deliveries / pick ups from 06:00 - 08:00 and from 18:00 - 22:00 o'clock for an additional fee.

Parking & Parking FinesParking & Parking Fines

How do I pay for parking in Norway?

Please read all about here: https://arcticcampers.no/parking-parking-fines/

(Arctic Campers charges for each unpaid parking fee an administration cost of 150 kr.)

I recived a parking fine during my camper rental what can I do?

Please read all about parking fines here: https://arcticcampers.no/parking-parking-fines/

(Arctic Campers charges for each unpaid parking fine an administration cost of 250 kr.)

Parking heaterParking heater

Do I need a parking heater in the summer time?

In the summer time (most likely) you do not need a parking heater. But it can get pretty cold in the nights and having a parking heater will give you great comfort. And it enables winter camping.

Public transportPublic transport

How do I find out about public transport in Norway?


If you need a bus in Tromsø visit the website www.tromsokortet.no. You can buy your ticket on the bus, no prebooking needed.



Trains (VY.NO), Oslo Airport Gardermoen (Avinor), Busses and Metro (Ruter), Taxi (Airport)

Road conditions (Winter)Road conditions (Winter)

What are the road conditions in Winter?

Norway is having a very good winter cleaning network. Working 24 hours to keep almost all roads free of snow. You can expect that you can drive with no problems on most of the roads in Norway. By heavy winter weather you may have to drive some mountain passes in a convoy. Bookmark the website of Statens Vegsen (https://www.vegvesen.no/Trafikkbeta), it will show you on a map where you can expect convoy driving, roadworks and dificult road conditions. The website is unfortunately only in Norwegian. For traffic information in English you can also call +47 815 48 991, they are very helpful. 

Roadside assistanceRoadside assistance

What number do I call if I need roadside assistance with an Arctic Camper?

If you need help, please call +47 91 50 31 00 for roadside assistance. The roadside assistance is 24/7 available. If you have booked the camper with a SCDW or Tavel Safe insurance, the roadside assistance will be free of charge for you.


Is there a grocery store close by the rental station?

Yes! Either in Tromsø or Leknes you will find various grocery stores. They are mostliky open from 08:00 - 22:00 o'clock from Monday to Saturday. Beware that most of the shops are closed on bank holidays. Good prices and variations you will find in REMA1000 (opening times: Leknes or Tromsø). If you are arriving in Moskenes (Lofoten) you will find the next shop in Reine (opening times: Coop). If it says "stengt", it means that the shop will be closed on that day. Have a look to our guide where we add some grocery stores.


Where can I shower?

If you are not staying for the night on a camping place you can ask them if can use the shower. They usualy will charge you a small amount for the usage. You can also book with us a camping shower. Just heat up some water, mix it out with cold water and have an outdoor shower. Maybe only comfy in summer :)

Sweden / Finland / RussiaSweden / Finland / Russia

Can I drive into Sweden, Finland or Russia with the camper?

Yes, you can drive into Sweden or Finland with the camper. Beware that your onboard internet will only work in Norway. Entering Russia with an Arctic Camper is not allowed.


What is the phone number to order a taxi in Oslo or Tromsø?

If you want to order a taxi in Oslo (Maura) you could call: +47 952 00 989 (Romerike Taxi) or if you want to order in taxi in Tromsø you can call: 03011 (Tromsø Taxi).

How much does a taxi cost to your rental station?

If you want to find out approximately prices for a taxi, check out the http://www.taxikalkulator.no website. Otherwise: Airport <-> Office in Oslo ca. 650 NOK and Tromsø is somewhere around 150 NOK.

Terms & ConditionsTerms & Conditions

Where do I find the terms & conditions of the Arctic Campers rental agreement?

Please have a look at our Terms & Conditions site.

Toilets / RestroomsToilets / Restrooms

Are their any public restrooms I can use?

Yes, every petrol station is offering restrooms which are free to use. You will also find almost in every village a cafe, library or supermarket which are having public restrooms.

Does the camper van have a toilet?

Our Norway Camper comes with toilet and shower. All other campers are not providing a toilet. But you can find one on every camp site or petrol station, cafes or public places.

Toll roads paymentToll roads payment

How does the toll roads system works with Arctic Campers?

Toll roads in Norway, which will be paid by "Auto Pass" are covered by our toll road flat fee. Which is based on the daily average from the year before. Have a look to your booking confirmation for daily price of the toll road flat fee. Ferries and "allmenningene / veiavgift" (community owned recreational areas) and roads / bridges outside of Norway are not included.

Does all camper come with a Auto Pass box?

Yes, all campers have installed a "Auto Pass" box which can be used for toll roads. Bridges in Norway are included, Ferry passings will be deducted from the deposit.

You will find all about toll road taxes in Norway here: https://arcticcampers.no/toll-roads/


Where can I refill the water tanks?

You can refill the water cans at every petrol station. You also find very often puplic stations for caravans, here you can also refill them with fresh water.


What is the weather really like?

You never know :) Of course you are visiting the polar region so for sure it can be very cold. But it can be also mild weather. The weather up here is changing very quickly. To find out the average weather data from last year check this webpage for Lofoten or Tromsø. You can also find weather data in our guide for each location. 

What should we do when extreme weather situation appears? 

Drive so long as you feel comfortable. The most save thing to do is: park the car on the side of the road, put on the heater and read a good book. Wait until it is over. Especially by snow storms or heavy winds. You should also follow our social media channels (Facebook or Instagram), since we are giving you updates on weather warnings.

Whale watchingWhale watching

We want to see whales, is that possible?

Yes, you can do whale watching tours or try to spot them yourself. Find more about here.

Wild campingWild camping

Where can I camp with my camper van?

You can park your camper where ever you want and also stay over night. In Norway we have the freedom to roam. Something to keep in mind: Be sure you are not to close to a privat building (150 meters distance at least) and you are not blocking any roads. If you want to read all about it, have a look into The Right to roam (Blog Link)