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Ferries in Norway


Car Ferry Tickets

If you want to use a ferry in Norway, you don't need to buy a ticket in advanced. It is not possible to make a reaservation for a ferry crossing before hand. Just drive in line on the ferry port and wait until you get an indication to start boarding the ferry. The ferry fee will be automatically billed to Arctic Campers and we will take the costs later from your deposit. In case the deposit has been used for other purposes we will send you a payment link to pay your ferry crossings after your rental period.


Ferry crossings costs

All use of ferry crossings in your rental period has to be paid by you. Ferry fees are not included in the toll road flat fee. You will find all prices for ferry crossings on this website: https://autopassferje.no


Ferry from and to Senja

If you are planing to use the ferry Andenes - Gryllefjord or Gryllefjord -Andenes in peak season (Summer) we recommend to be 2-3 hours before depature in line. The same for the ferry Botnhamn - Brensholmen or Brensholmen - Botnhamn. Otherwise you might have to wait for the next depature due the high volume of passengers and vehicles who want take the same ferry.

Ferry Bodø - Moskenes (Lofoten) - Bodø

For this ferry crossing it is possible to do a reservation in advanced. You can do this on the ferry website https://www.torghatten-nord.no. To do a reservation for this ferry you need to enter your license plate number. You can not do a reservation before your camper / car pick up. When you have done a prepayment for the crossing, make sure not to get charged twice by the ferry employees. Show them your pre-paid reservation. Arctic Campers does not take the responsibility if you get charged twice for the same ferry crossing.

For this ferry crossing we also recommend to be early in line if you are planing to use it in peak season (Summer).