Andenes Camping Vesterålen

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Accessibility: summer

This is the only camping site in Andenes. If you drive all they way up on the hill towards the dunes you have an amazing few to the open sea. The price for staying one night with an Acrtic Camper is about 150 kr. (at least the last time we have been their). If you do not want to stay on the camping site over night but want to use the showers, you should bring 10 kr. coins with you. You will find the showers in one of the two red houses. You can make a fire at the beach and also fill your water tanks of your camper.

  • Great view towards the sea
  • Showers also without staying over night
  • Moderate price for the night
  • Close to the whale watching tours
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Bleiksv 38, 8480 Andenes, Norway

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  • They also have WiFi

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