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If you are going from Tromsø to the North Cape this ferry is saving you at least 2 hours of driving. You have to take another ferry on the other side over the Lyngenfjord. The connections are timed, so you will reach the other one just in time. Drive straight to Lyngseidet after arriving in Svensby. You can not make a reservation for this ferry but it is going fairly often a day. Beware that on Friday and Sunday many locals from Tromsø are going or coming from their cabins and the boat will be crowded. If you don't catch it, just wait for the next. If you want to stay a night on the other side, check out our pins we dropped on the guide. Their are very good places to chase the Northern Lights or doing hiking trips.

Fishing from they ferry pier will come with great results. At least we catched some medium sized cod and pollock last time we had to wait for half an hour. Give it a try.

If you download the app TFT Mobillett to your tablte or smart phone you can buy a tickt online. Do this right before you go onto the ferry. Otherwise you can also buy a ticket on board. You can buy a ticket for both ferries in this case Breivikeidet - Svensby & Lyngseidet - Olderdalen Ticket called From: Breivikeidet To: Olderdalen

Find the ferry timetable on this website.

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Rv91 270, 9027 Ramfjordbotn, Norway

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  • Great! Thanks for sharing, was looking for the ferry timetable.

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