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If you are already some days on the road with your camper, you might have found out: Going shopping in a Norwegian grocery store is not exactly a big revelation. 1000 different cheeses from one brand and they all taste the same.  Simply, Norway might not come first in mind when you think about an culinary super explosion. But this will change when you have stopped by the shop Eide Handel. This shop is sort of unique in Norway. They are selling local food prepared with some effort and a lot of tradition. For example several different kind of fresh smoked salmon, a self made IPA beer or lamp meat from the Lyngen Alps. Maybe some other shops in Norway are selling food prepared with the same effort, but Eide Handel is sort of grounded - far away from being a hipster shop.

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Fjordvegen 14, 9100 Kvaløysletta, Norway

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