Kvænangsfjellet Nordreisa Troms

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Northern Lights Spot

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Wants you drove all the way to the top of the mountian pass and it is not covered in clouds you will definitely stop beside the road. Maybe to take pictures or just to enjoy the amazing view into the Fjord and on the other side the peninsula of Loppa. Every time we are passing we stop here for a short break. When you drive more down (northbound) you will find old Sami buildings, which can be entered. For sure you will also encounter some reindeers around the Fjell. So beautiful this place is, so rough it can be in winter. Make sure you check on the webpage of Statens Vegvesen if the mountain pass is open for cars. If their is allot of wind and snow you might have to wait for some hours or drive in an convoy. You can find the right information on this webpage.

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E6 70, 9162 Sørstraumen, Norway

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