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Wild Campsite

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One of the camp spots we have visited pretty often in the past. It is located at a dead end right at a beach. In the summer you will also find a simple toiltet cleaned once a week. This place is perfect to experince the midnight sun, if the weather let you. The sea here is great for fishing. When you want to rent a boat for giving it a try you can ask Jan Viktor for renting one of his boats, call +47 975 66260. We did this several times - with great results, we got fish for several weeks. Seems like reindeers are enjoying beach life, too. You will met them sun bathing in the sand every now and then. Fresh water can be filled at the graveyard entrance.

  • White beach
  • (simple) Toilets
  • Fresh water
  • Fishing


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Fv274 270, 9373 Botnhamn, Norway

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  • We can recommend this place. I catched fish from the rocks and we got reindeers for visit with the morning coffee. Shame that today is our last day. Thanks for this spot.
    Arnaud - 05.08.2017
  • Wonderful spot right at the beach!
    Katrin, 20 August 2019 - 20.08.2019

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