Russelv Lyngen Alps

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Wild Campsite

Northern Lights Spot

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One of the wild camp spots we are visiting regularly. When you come to the dead end of the road, continue driving on the small sandy road. You have to open the gate, after passing - please close it again, so no sheep can escape. You have two options for staying. Either you park the camper on the grass some 100 meters after the gate. Here you will find a fireplace and a pretty even ground. Or you continue driving and camp on the little hill up to the right. He you have also a fireplace, table with benches and also a simple toilette. This place is visited by locals, so you might not be alone. Also in the winter check out the road conditions. If the road is full off ice or snow, you should consider to stay at the end of the paved road. It is a dead end so almost no car will disturb you.

This place is good for chasing the Northern Lights. No disturbing lights around and an open view towards north. We had also some great encounters with wildlife here. Eagels, seals and also whales passed by. Check out the near by POI - visit the ship wreck or the Lyngstuva.

Watch the North & Beyond episode about Lyngtstuva

If you have rested well and you already did the hike to the Lyngstuva cabin you should consider to do the hike to Blåvatnet. You will find all details here.

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  • 23 degrees and a gentle summer breeze coming down from the lyngen alps! Perfect spot on a perfect day! Thanks Arctic Campers
    tim - 27.07.2018
  • Great spot, right "on" the beach. Loved our stay there. In the morning a white tailed eagle landed right in front of the beach on the rocks, wow!

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