Sørskaret close to Tromsø

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Wild Campsite

Northern Lights Spot

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Accessibility: all year

Great wild camp spot for all kinds of vehicles, very good accessible. It is located on the old road towards Skulsfjord - just right before the tunnel. There is a toilet nearby (credit card required). The Fjord view is awesome and it is absolutely quiet.
The place is great for a first/last night when starting from Tromsø. The Arctic Campers station is just 17 minutes away.

Northern Lights:

In winter this is also great place to watch the Northern Lights, but might be busy with other Aurora hunters, since it is good sheltered from the city lights and you have view towards the North.


You wild find on both sides of the parking the start of a hiking trail. It will bring you to the top of the Sørskaret, the backland of Kjølen or on the oposite site to straight up the mointain onot Sørtinden. If you drive throught the tunnel into the valley towrds the North you will come to a very popular berry picking area (July / August).


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Fv58 9, 9100 Kvaløysletta, Norway

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