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Down with the whales

Winter times = whale watching times in the Fjords around the city of Tromsø. We had several camper guests in the last years, who had been able to watch Humpback and Killer Whales (Orcas) just from land. The whales are around to chase herring. Schools of these small fishes are in the moment all over the Fjords.

Time for our buddy Kari (we shared in the first days of Arctic Campers a office together in Lofoten) to go out with a SUP (Stand-Up-Paddling) and swim with the Orcas. She filmed some amazing footage while being out in the ice cold waters.

Join Kari to surf with the whales

Kari Schibevaag (link) is doing this on a regular basis. This time she spend some days in Tromsø, going around in one of our campers to find out where they hang out those days. In this video she spotted the whales close to Skjervøy. Check out our wild camp spot close to that place (link).

If you are planing to come in winter to chase the Northern Lights in a camper van and you want to join Kari on a SUP to swim the whales - let us know. We surely can arrange something for you. Just write us a message (link).

Whale watching in a Camper Van

Maybe you are not that brave to swim with them like Kari does, but still want to do some whale watching from the land. That's easy, since you are on the road with the camper. When you pic up your camper van at our rental station in Tromsø, we will give you some updates, where the Orcas and Humpback whales have been seen lately. Just park your camper and watch out for some whale action. You very often hear them first before you will spot them in the water. The noises of whales breathing when they come up to the water surface is a very special noise and you will notice even from the distance.

Whale watching in Tromsø

Two things which are good to do in the winter - Chasing Northern Lights (link) in the night and do some serious whale watching in the day time - you might not catch a lot of sleep ;)

Kari Schibevaag explains the Aurora Dome Camper

Kari was one month in the winter traveling the Tromsø region in an Arctic Camper. She expains for us what she likes about her time in an camper: