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Top 5 Lofoten off season attractions

1) Northern Lights chasing

Sure thing: Why wouldn´t you wanna see the Aurora Borealis? It´s a once in a life time light show povided by mother earth. And it´s free. So get it! And here comes the shortest quick guide to chase the northern lights on the internet:

Head up north  (Lofoten or Tromsø e.g., make sure it´s dark and find the clear sky. Now, sit down and wait. Or better: Lay down in your cosy camper and enjoy the parking heater.

It really can be that simple. The aurora is quit predictable and there are several apps that will help you with your timing. And our online guide will help you to find the best spots.

2) Whale watching

An unforgettable experience. Watching theses huge fellows is exciting and relaxing at the same time. No matter if you see the Orcas (spekkhogger) jumping out of the water right in front of you, which happens in the Reinefjord (Reine / Lofoten) or if you watch the majestic humpback whales on a boat trip starting from Andenes (Vesterålen) or even Tromsø. Bonus: Discount for Artic Camper guests!

3) Winter Beaches

Lofoten beaches are just stunning. You have see pictures of the most famous beaches like Kvalvika, Unstad, Skagsanden, Haukland etc etc. Beautiful white sandy beaches with crystal clear turquoise water caribbean style. Just perfect. But now imagine the beaches covered in snow, waiting to get hit by the next surf …
Set up your camera and take the perfect shot without anybody else in the picture. Bonus: Same shot  at night with northern lights …

4) Winter wonderland

That´s for sure - there will be snow in January/February on Lofoten despite the fact that it is munch warmer than on the main land. Thank you, golf stream! This special climate makes it perfect to discover Lofoten covered in snow. Not just the beaches but also the Fishermen´s huts (Rorbuer), the harbours and the mountains will create this special atmosphere that only a perfect winter day has.

5) Dark, light and silence

This amazing light on Lofoten. In summer times it,s bright daylight for about six weeks non stop but after that keeps going. First from September on there will be northern lights. But in winter time we will have the so called „Blue Hour“. An everlasting twilight dips the whole scenery in blue and purple; sometimes even pink. That´s a light to remember. Many hours of darkness will follow which is perfect to wait for the aurora borealis. Yes, it´s all about the lights on Lofoten. Bonus: The silence on the islands you will only discover in off season. That is something you have to discover on your own.