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How are the rules in Norway about alcohol and driving?

Strict! Do not drink & drive! Norways limit is 0.02% of blood alcohol content before a person is charged with a crime. The fines are very high and the Police is controling very often.  

Arn't there strange rules about buying alcohol in Norway?

Yes! Selling alcohol is very strict regulated. You can buy beer in a grocery store from 08 - 20 o'clock and on Saturdays from 08 - 18 o'clock. If you want to buy wine or liquor you need to find a so called "Vinmonopolet", it is the only shop where you can buy alcohol wich contains more then 4,7% of alcohol. You can find some "Vinmonoplet" listed in our guide.

What is the best beer of Norway?

Well, buy local! We cheer for Mack. It might not be the best of Norway, but it is made close to Tromsø and you have a big selection of beer variations. If we have a beer, we go for the type called Fatøl, Isbjørn or Arctic. Cheers :)