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No doubt, Kjerag belongs to the top ten attractions of Norway. The mountain is 1.084 meters above sea level and most known for its giant boulder wedged in a crevice. The hike from the parking takes you about 2.5 hours one way. It’s a challenging hike with steep passages where you have to pull yourself up and slide down with help of wires. When it is raining the stones can be very slippery, make sure you have proper footwear. You should definitely check the weather forecast or visit the Facebook site of Kjerag Tourist Information. They give daily advice and warnings for Kjerag hikers.

When you come to the Kjerag parking you will most definitely encounter Henrik or one of his colleagues. They will charge you 200 kr. for parking, for the time you are on your hike.

If the weather is bad or you are just to lazy to hike Kjerag, there is the Kjerag Cafe. While you sip your Cappuccino you have an amazing view into the end the Lysefjord or down to Lysefjordbotn. Also a walk on the balcony reminds on they Sky Walk at the Great Canyon ;) 

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Important: The weather forecast on this page is showing Kjerag Parking and not the actuall weather for the hiking trail!

Kjeragbolten picture taken by Terje Rakke / Nordic Life AS / www.fjordnorway.com
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