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When you are coming or going to Hammerfest you might need a place to camp. It is not easy to find a good spot on the 94 - since the road has little places to stop. This wild camp spot is about 25 minutes from Hammerfest away and you have a great view from above into the Fjord and towards the National Park Seiland. Just drive carefully up the little dirt track and park the van to the right before you come to the big electricity lines. You will find a small fast river just on the side. We got a visit from a lonely reindeer in the night. If you are up for a walk you just follow the dirt track and you can go all the way up to the mountain top or if you follow the stream you come to an gentle "Vidda" backland. If this palce might be occupied there is also another dirt track going up on the other side of the river.

On this spot you will not have midnight sun dirctly shining into the van. But the mountains on the other side of the Fjord will dip into an amazing golden color illuminated by the sun.

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Rv94 33, 9620 Kvalsund, Norway

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  • Good spot before Hammerfest. Some cables were placed on the ground, so that we have to drive carefully. The small river ist nice. Area with no trees around and a great view to the fjord.
    Marina - 10.09.2022

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