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This place definitely belongs to one of our favorites. If you want to catch the feeling of being in a lonely small polar station, come here. The Lyngstuva is a hut which has been many years ago the home of the lighthouse warden. The tiny cabin has been kept by volunteers and it is open to everyone. You can even stay for a night.  Their is place to sleep on the loft (bring a sleeping pad ), cook you meal on the oven and stare from the window into the sea. This place fits 2-3 persons. 

From the added camp spot you have to walk to this place for approximately an hour. When you went up the plateau continue walking and turn left after you have gone around the hill. If you are not sure how to reach it, hike up the small hill and you will see the cabin and the lighthouse and also the path which will bring you their.

Of course, please leave the hut in a good condition. Take care and clean after youself ;).

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Lyngstuva, 9068 Nord-lenangen, Norway

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