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Parking & Parking Fines


In Norway almost all public and private parkings are requesting a parking fee. Most of them can be paid by using an app. If you don’t want to use an app or app payment is not offered you need to pay your parking at the ticket vendor that is located at the location.

Make sure you buy a parking ticket or start the parking app before you leave your car or camper. A valid parking ticket (app or vendor) is also necessary if the parking is offering Camera Pay. Each use of Camera Pay or an unpaid parking fee will result into an administration costs of 150 kr. per incendet charged by Arctic Campers in addition to the parking fee.


Airport Parking

If you are using the airport parking in Tromsø or Oslo, make sure to pay the parking fee before you leave. Even for a short stay (luggage drop) you need to pay a parking fee since you have only a few minutes until the parking company will charge you.

At the Tromsø airport you will find the parking fee vendor inside the terminal building.



Parking Apps

Easy Park can be used for many parking locations in Norway.

Apcoa: https://www.apcoa.no
Apcoa can be used for most of Norway airport and city parking in Norway

Bil i Oslo: https://www.oslo.kommune.no
This app works for all parking that belong to the Oslo municipality.



Parking Fine

Upon receiving a parking fine, we highly recommend addressing the penalty payment as promptly as possible, ideally on the same day. Please note that in Norway, the charges for unpaid parking fines are substantially high and accrue shortly after the due date.

If you're unable to make the payment while on the road, Arctic Campers can assist by processing the payment on your behalf. Please be aware that we levy an additional fee of 250 kr. per parking fine for this service. Additionally, our leasing bank and leasing handling company may impose further administrative fees for any parking fine. To minimize costs, it's always more economical to promptly settle the parking fine yourself upon receipt.

If you want to use this service you need to do the following: Send a good image of the parking fine to parking@arcticcampers.no on the same day of your punishment. When you return the car / camper, come into our rental office and pay the parking fine and administration costs / service fee at the counter.

If you want to pay the parking ticket yourself, make sure you are using the KID number that is stated on the parking ticket as payment reference / reason. If you don’t use the KID number your payment can not be assigned to the parking fine and the fine will stay unpaid.